The Story Bazaar 


The 4th Story Bazaar will be on Saturday 19th October from midday til 10pm. 

The London mini-festival of experimental storytelling, The Story Bazaar
provides a platform for play and a chance to get feedback from a warm, 
supportive audience, as well as a great opportunity to meet other tellers and 
be inspired by their work.

If you have a new piece or one in development which will be ready for performance
in October please email with:
* Your name
* A brief biog
* The title of piece
* Length of piece
* Description of piece (max 200 words). Please include details of how the piece is experimental.
Proposed pieces MUST:
* Have a strong base in traditional stories - eg myth, epic, legend, folk tales, fairy tales etc.
* Be between 10 and 60 minutes in length. There are more slots available for shorter pieces. There is also a dedicated part of the day - Story Bazaar Shorts - just for stories between 10 and 15 minutes long.
* Be experimental in some way. This could mean cross-arts (mixing stories with music, puppetry, physical theatre, origami etc.), an unusual composition, or just something that is new and experimental to you as a storyteller. We are not looking for 'scratch'. While pieces may be new/in development, they must be solid and ready for a paying audience. The only other limit is your imagination...
We are also looking for music acts of 15 minutes each. If you have a set which suits an intimate, low-tech space and a storytelling environment, please send us a link to your SoundCloud/myspace.
Following this a shortlist will be drawn up, at which point you might be asked along to give a rough showing of your work to a small audience. This is to check it fits with the feel of the festival and is also a chance to get some feedback. This call back process will take place between 9th and 21st September, depending on people's availability. Following this, a final selection will be made. 
See below for what happened at the last Bazaar...

October 2012 Story Bazaar

Doors 12.15pm, Music from 12.30pm
@ The Miller, 96 Snowfields Road, London Bridge, SE1 3SS

1.30pm Story Bazaar Shorts
~ OLLY LAVERY presents Abu Kassem with his own karmic 
puppet slippers.
~ CAT GERRARD splits the paper from the wood & (metaphorically
and literally) folds a Grimms' tale out of origami.
& we explore the space between storytelling & theatre:
~ LAURA SAMPSON tells Atsumori,  inspired by a Japanese Noh play - combining
storytelling, Noh fan, flute and iPhone.
~ ARRAN GLASS & NICHOLAS HUNT combine acting and storytelling with songs and 
experimental music from folk-band APPLE OF MY EYE. Camy of Cloo and the Wild Roads
is a story of love and leaving, friendship and betrayal, the naivety of youth and the slow delight
of walking... 
 3.30pm Pandvani 108 

The stage is set for a high voltage mythological mash up, as six tellers tell six episodes of six epics! Inspired by a central Indian epic-singing tradition, a motley crew of storytellers combine stories, rhythm and stick-wielding to turn on the epic jukebox and create a bold and exuberant new storytelling form. This has more experimental excitement than you can shake a stick at... live and irresistibly direct!

Pandvani 108 have clattered noisily onto the storytelling scene, having rocked the Story Bazaar in April, they took Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival by storm, and this autumn they're back in London. This wildly experimental group produces vivid, highly engaging, adrenaline filled performances of short sections of myth and epic using a technique that combines a Storyteller, a 'Ragi' (whose comments - both serious and comedic - spur the narrative ever onwards) and a deceptively ad hoc backing band. Allied by their mutual conviction of the need for artistic experimentation, PANDVANI 108 have created (accidentally on purpose) a startling new storytelling form described by audiences as 'inspirationally brilliant', 'an unquestionable highlight'. 'stunning' and 'totally addictive'. 

6pm Freshly Spun 
~ Short stories from tellers new to TailSpin - with ANNE PAWLAK, MIKAEL ÖBERG, NICK WILLIAMSON & JAMES MORGAN.

~ Acclaimed storyteller, improviser and liar ANDREW BARNETT JONES spins you his retelling of the Greek myths of Minos, Daedalus and Theseus. Infused with the spirit of Choose Your Own Adventure Gamebooks, it's down to you to choose your path through the legendary labyrinth. For every story told, another story is left undiscovered; but every path leads closer to the evil at the maze's heart. A monster waits to be discovered, and the end of this ancient story has not yet been written... 

8.15pm Music Story Polymorphy
~ Storyteller EMILY PARRISH and Musician FILIPE GOMES present Loki.
In the dark and twisted forest of jealousy, guilt and defiance, two mountain goats run from their actions. One is an 11 year old girl. The other is Loki: Trickster, father and the boldest shape-shifter in the North.
Together these shape shifters leap, soar and dive towards their fate.
Inspired by the work of White Lunar, the music and sound of Loki aims to take you on a journey through your own imagination. How much light can music and sound shine on the hidden and untold spaces of a story?...
Emily, half Viking descendant, feels it's about time she told the tales of her ancestors.
Filipe is a musician and sonic artist. He created the Whispering Forest at the Crick Crack Club's Festival of Fairy tales for Grown Ups at the Bargehouse.
PLUS music from APPLE OF MY EYE, MAYA LEVY & TIM BERRYMAN between slots in a special chill-out area.
PLUS PLUS a book stall & other diversions and amusements.

On the Door -  £5 per slot / £20 festival pass 
In Advance - £4.50 per slot / £18 festival pass
Please email Cat at to reserve yours.